At My Play Kit we believe that the first 3 years of a child's life are the most important education that they will get. We also believe that as one of your child's main caregivers, you are THE best educator for your child. The more time that you can spend holding, playing with, singing to, talking to and interacting with your baby/child/toddler, the better the foundation for quality learning and development.

Babies and children learn new skills through observing and exploring the world around them, and play provides the best opportunity for this. Independent play time where they can explore a range of stimulating toys and equipment in a safe and secure environment, develops imagination and problem solving. Interactive play with a caregiver develops confidence, strengthens relationships and provides the child with social skills and the ability to communicate with others effectively.

Our hope is that through My Play Kit we will not only be giving you the information you need to learn about your little one's development or the appropriate toys to help your little one learn and practise new skills, but provide opportunities for you to interact more. We would like to encourage families to play together, explore together, read and sing and dance together. We want for you to use these toys, games and puzzles as tools to create a strong relationship with your little one so that they develop a quality attachment with you. This relationship is the strong foundation that they need to become successful, confident, future learners.

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